Casita 101 Retreat Package

weight loss, eat well, healing, coaching, health, well being, relax, change, motivated, inspiration, feeling better, reduce stress, relationshipCasita 101 is a personal retreat program package that offer you a total package of accommodation, food and a coaching program. It’s a holistic approach leading you to total transformation.


You will walk out lighter as you let go of access body weight you always want to change. Your mind will be cleared as you let go of negative thought and belief you have been carried for so long before you became conscious as you grown up. Your life will be lighten up as you let go of negative emotion that have been building up over time in every single moment of everyday.


Retreat is not just mean recharge your battery by going to spa and massage which you will have it here in out casita 101 program as well. Retreat here we offer mean pause, taking a break for yourself and look at what do you want to change and stay detach from everything around you so your mind can be cleared. Stay in the environment that you can be in touch with your present, stay cleanse and clear.


You will be working on all level, Physical, mental, emotional in order to enter your transformation process.

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